Micro Minnie FLX: Clogged Toilet

Recently, we had our first experience with a clogged toilet in an RV. One morning, Stella mentioned that the toilet was "burping" when she flushed it. Ironically, we had just watched a youtube clip about that problem a few days prior. It appears having seen that video clip was meant to be. A burping toilet … Continue reading Micro Minnie FLX: Clogged Toilet

Celebrating 10 (12) Years

This spring, we posted a detailed story about the grassroots of BaseCamp@Grand Lake. It all began with the coming together of two people who are passionate about the environment and outdoor adventure sports. Today marks the 12-year anniversary of the day we met as well as our 10-year wedding anniversary. On June 23, 2009, Larry … Continue reading Celebrating 10 (12) Years