Micro Minnie FLX: Securing the FLX

Preventing our FLX from being stolen was/is a top priority. I put together a quick video explaining what we use to secure our FLX. We chose the Proven Industries ~ Proven Lock and the TriMax Wheel Chock Locks. The combined use of these two security devices gives us peace of mind that our FLX is … Continue reading Micro Minnie FLX: Securing the FLX

Micro Minnie FLX: Winterizing the FLX

I spent this past weekend winterizing the Micro Minnie FLX, the video below is a complete walk-through from start to finish. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. https://youtu.be/zs6bZvevV0s Link to Winterizing Truma AquaGo ~ How to Winterize Truma AquaGo

Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization

There are so many ways to organize an RV! The Micro Minnie FLX is smaller than our prior travel trailer, so I had to re-think how to organize and store "stuff." Figuring out the interior organization was my (Stella's) task, and I ended up purchasing a lot of new items for the FLX so that … Continue reading Micro Minnie FLX: Interior Organization


Before I jump into the review for Beddy's very unique product, I would like to preface with this: it is expensive! When you see the price at the end of this review, you may likely think, "there is no way I would spend that much money on bedding for an RV!" I too was astonished when I … Continue reading Beddy’s

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