RTIC 45 Quart Hard Cooler

Shortly after Stella and I met (over ten years ago), we purchased a run of the mill hard-side cooler, which we have been using ever since. While that cooler had provided adequate cooling for short periods of time, this spring we decided that it was time for a major upgrade. I had come across an … Continue reading RTIC 45 Quart Hard Cooler

POTW: Remembering Goldie

November 11, 2003 ~ August 26, 2016

Crazy Hair Alpacas

Buying local is a concept that is near and dear to small business owners everywhere, and it is even more critical with regards to start-up businesses. As a former owner of two small businesses in Wisconsin, I (Stella) especially understand all of these dynamics. During the five years that we have lived in Colorado, it has become … Continue reading Crazy Hair Alpacas

POTW: Life in the Kawuneeche Valley

Life in the Kawuneeche Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park, hope springs eternal. As cow and her calf forage about in the meadow in the spring of 2020.