Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

During the summer of 2017, we had talked about getting a dutch oven but it had never happened. Our 2018 summer started off with two Rome Industries pudgie pie irons, and we have cooked some really good pies with them (please see our review about these). And again, the subject of a dutch oven came … Continue reading Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

Pudgie Pies – A Campfire Delicacy

Rome Industries Pie Iron - Square & Round: I had carefully reviewed different brands of pie irons, and settled on this brand because it is the one used/recommended by the Wisconsin pie iron chefs who wrote the Pudgie Pie Revolution cookbook(s).  And, we could not be happier! We have used this iron a few times … Continue reading Pudgie Pies – A Campfire Delicacy

Redfish Lake, Day 2

Thursday, July 27th,  by Stella Raasch. This morning, we ate at the Stanley Baking Company and Café as we did the prior day. Sitting at a table out back, we sipped on an Americano as we marveled at the beauty of the Sawtooth mountain range surrounding us. As usual, we shared ideas about how to … Continue reading Redfish Lake, Day 2