Micro Minne FLX: Off Grid Experiment

In preparation for our now cancelled Leadville trip, we disconnected our Micro Minnie FLX to conduct an off grid experiment. One of the key features of the FLX package, touted by Winnebago, is the ability to spend up to five days off grid. On a recent Saturday afternoon, at approximately 1:00 p.m., I disconnected the … Continue reading Micro Minne FLX: Off Grid Experiment

Micro Minnie FLX: Clogged Toilet

Recently, we had our first experience with a clogged toilet in an RV. One morning, Stella mentioned that the toilet was "burping" when she flushed it. Ironically, we had just watched a youtube clip about that problem a few days prior. It appears having seen that video clip was meant to be. A burping toilet … Continue reading Micro Minnie FLX: Clogged Toilet

Purpose & Introduction

PURPOSE The purpose of this tab on the website is two-fold. First, we would like to share our day-to-day experiences with this RV, such as something not working right, a new discovery, something that we find useful or not useful, situations that had occurred and what we did, and the list goes on. We want … Continue reading Purpose & Introduction