A Washed Out Weekend…

Saturday and Sunday we pretty much a washed out affair as each afternoon the rain moved in from the west. We were able to enjoy breakfast each morning consisting of our homemade breakfast burritos with our morning espresso concoctions. Aspen did manage to take advantage of the weather as she was able swim both Saturday … Continue reading A Washed Out Weekend…

Redfish Lake, Day 1

  Wednesday, July 26th, Day 1, We began the day with the intent of kayaking Red Fish Lake however the weather was not cooperating. So, after a tasty breakfast at the Stanley Baking Company and Cafe we head over to Riverwear, an outdoor adventure store, as we mill about and gather intel on the trail … Continue reading Redfish Lake, Day 1

Yellowstone National Park, Day 4

Get away day, however instead of driving directly to Challis, Idaho and the ranch we head north to Yellowstone National Park. Stella, as a kid, had spent many a day inside the park however this would be my first foray into the nations largest national park. Knowing one could spend eons in Yellowstone we had … Continue reading Yellowstone National Park, Day 4

Monarch Lake Hike with Aspen

Saturday, Aug 5thΒ - By Stella.Β Saturday morning, we partook in our usual ritual of eating our breakfast slowly, while sipping on our coffee as we each indulged in reading our books. Larry drinks an Americano, which is half water & half espresso. I (Stella) make a mixture of plain unsweetened almond milk, espresso, & a tablespoon … Continue reading Monarch Lake Hike with Aspen