Theme Song for Base Camp @ Grand Lake

We are Larry and Stella. In December of 2015 we relocated to Colorado from Green Bay, Wisconsin. What a great place Colorado is! The summer of 2016 had been our first time visiting Grand Lake, and after which, we never left. Grand Lake had become our permanent summer home. The following summer, 2017, we launched Base Camp @ Grand Lake to share with others about our year-round, outdoor adventures. This website has been an exciting work-in-progress ever since, which now sees well over 1,000 visitors per month, and growing!

We are outdoor adventure enthusiasts who are passionate about being in the mountains, where we can be found hiking, biking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and whatever else may come to mind. Someday soon, Grand Lake will become our year-round residence, but for now, it is our beloved retreat.

Please join us on our adventures as we discover the mountains, rivers, lakes and trails in and around Colorado and the mountainous western states. And, be sure to visit the “Gear Review” tab on this website to read our product reviews for the outdoor gear that we use. Feel free to contact us at info@basecampgrandlake.com

Our beautiful golden girls, Goldie and Aspen, who were both taken by cancer. Goldie (left) was a regal beauty with an unparalleled degree of intuition. During her work as a certified therapy dog she touched many lives. (11/11/03 – 8/26/16). Aspen (right), the sweetest little girl ever, was able to partake in many outdoor adventures with us when we moved to Colorado. Her adventurous spirit will live on in our hearts forever. (3/20/05 – 3/31/2019).