Celebrating 10 (12) Years


This spring, we posted a detailed story about the grassroots of BaseCamp@Grand Lake. It all began with the coming together of two people who are passionate about the environment and outdoor adventure sports. Today marks the 12-year anniversary of the day we met as well as our 10-year wedding anniversary.

On June 23, 2009, Larry and I met at a restaurant in Green Bay for an informal business meeting. Someone had taken my chair and Larry had said to just sit on his lap…so much for talking about business related matters! We talked late into the evening about anything and everything, and there was never one moment of awkwardness, which is sometimes present when meeting someone new.

For me, however, the most vital aspect of getting involved with Larry was how he interacted with my family’s Golden Retrievers, Goldie and Aspen. They were my entire world, and I would not get involved with someone who was indifferent or brash toward them (or animals in general). Not surprisingly, he was very kind and attentive to Goldie and Aspen, and enjoyed them immensely. For me, that is what sealed the deal. We have been together ever since, and married two years later, on June 23, 2011. 

What does the future hold for us, 10 years from now? By that point in time, Larry will likely be retired. I, however, will still have 10 more years to work till retirement.🙁 We dream about being able to retire at the same time so that we can immediately take off, and bike, hike, kayak, stand up paddleboard, ski, and snowshoe all over the country (and internationally) without any time constraints. Retirement cannot come soon enough for us!

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  1. Congratulations on your 10 year Wedding Anniversary and 12 years since you met. I love your story !!! You are both the most wonderful people and I am so blessed to know you and have you in my life. Enjoy those crab cakes that Larry is going to make you for your Anniversary Stella !!! Love to you both, and keep on with all the adventures.

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