POTW: Spring in RMNP

Spring in RMNP, a cow moose and her offspring foraging.

Spring in RMNP, as that saying goes, hope springs eternal as a cow moose and her yearling offspring forage in the Kawuneeche Valley. Last fall the East Troublesome fire impacted over 193,000 acres of land in Grand County, including cutting through the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Park, jumping the continental divide and stopping at the outskirts of Estes Park. Having viewed the devastation both inside and outside of the park my thoughts turned to the wildlife and how they would be impacted. Stella and I returned to Base Camp @ Grand Lake this past weekend and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park in hopes to see what spring in RMNP would be like after last fall. We were surprised to say the least, the elk have yet to move into Kawuneeche Valley, however we did set our eyes on ten moose all within the boundaries of the burn scar, encouraging to say the least. Nature is resilient and from the ash new growth emerges.

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