Base Camp @ Grand Lake: Logo Stickers Available!


We are excited to announce that the Base Camp @ Grand Lake logo stickers are now available for purchase on our website! Just click on the “Shop” link. The durable vinyl stickers are 4″ round and made for outdoor use. They are $5.49 each, which includes shipping. 

This development of the Base Camp @ Grand Lake logo has been a work in progress for a few years. Larry found an artist who then hand-drew the logo based upon our ideas. Our goal was for the design to have a “drawn” look versus looking like a computer graphic. We are extremely pleased with it, as it truly depicts what Base Camp @ Grand Lake is about.

Base Camp @ Grand Lake sticker

Last summer, the stickers were for sale at Elk Creek Campground in Grand Lake, and they all sold within a few weeks. This year, we hope to have them available at couple of select locations in Grand Lake as well.

2 thoughts on “Base Camp @ Grand Lake: Logo Stickers Available!

  1. I would like to buy at least 6 to 10 stickers can I pick them up next weekend up there or do I need to do it by mail. I own a place in Columbine Lake so I will be coming up next weekend.

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