POTW: Elk Bugling in RMNP

A mighty bull elk bugling in RMNP

There is always more to the story than what the picture tells of this elk bugling in RMNP. It was a Saturday evening not to terribly long ago when we happened upon this bull elk in a clearing near the south end of the Kawuneeche Valley. The bull elk was bugling in response to the bugle of two other nearby bull elk. The clearing slopes slightly up hill to the right of the bull elk in the picture. The bull elk to the left of the picture never appeared however, what I thought was going to be a first, a bull elk appears at the top of the clearing. What ensued next was short of amazing. The two bull elk being to charge towards one anther, I thought for certain we were about to witness our first elk challenge. However as the neared each other they slowed, looked at one another and returned to their respective areas of the clearing. Nature never ceases to amaze.

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