POTW: North Inlet Grand Lake

North Inlet Grand Lake

~North Inlet, Grand Lake~

Stella and I spent Sunday morning setting out to paddle around Grand Lake before the winds started gusting in the afternoon, a Red Flag warning had been issued from 12Noon Sunday through 8PM Monday. From our typical launching point at Hill Top on Shadow Mountain Lake we set off in the “Big Mango” and paddled through the channel into Grand Lake. With the lake level being high for this time of the year we first decided we would explore the inlets as we kayaked around the lake. We first ventured into East Inlet and poked around paddling as far as we were able before heading back on to the lake. We paddled along the north shore before we turned our attention to the North Inlet. The picture above is looking back into Grand Lake from the North Inlet with Shadow Mountain looming on the far side of the lake. Paddling back out onto the lake we were able to finish just as the winds picked up. Ironically, it was only our second kayaking trip around Grand Lake this year.

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