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Isle Glider Wood's on the Suspenz SUP Rack

SUP Rack

When living in a climate that only affords you to paddle board two-thirds of the year, you definitely need a way to store the boards over the winter. Having plenty of success with the Suspenz Universal Portable Boat Stand and SUP Stand, I again turned to them to store the boards for the winter.

The SUP Rack can easily be attached to the wall or optionally to a Free-Standing Frames. Setup is a breeze! Simply locate a stud, and pre-drill a pilot hole. From there, hang the rack and repeat. Make certain to properly space the distance between the rack, and maintain the horizontal level. Installation for the first set took all of fifteen minutes.

Placing the board into the rack is strait forward. Carefully place the board onto the lower strap, and then loop the upper strap over the board and connect. Pull the strap to fit snuggly around the board to brace it, but not overly tight to allow for some expansion. Once that has been completed, the board is centered in the rack and will never touch a hard surface. The bottom section of the rack also allows you to store the paddle! For long-term storage, we found it necessary to remove the center fin from our paddle boards.

Suspenz has designed the SUP Rack with optional expansion plates, with the ability to connect two racks directly to one another and a quick release wall bracket. This allows for portability of the rack.


The EZ Rack was technically our first purchase from Suspenz, since we had the need to store the “Big Mango” long before our Isle Glider Wood SUP’s came along. Our kayak is the Perception Cove 14.5 Tandem. Our needs required the kayak to be stored on the wall of our garage, similar to the paddle boards, yet allowing Stella’s Subaru Outback to fit in the garage as well.

Like the SUP Rack, installation was a breeze. However, Suspenz does have a recommended spacing chart for the racks. This is based on the length of the kayak, so when hanging our rack, I adhered to the suggested spacing provided by Suspenz . Within half an hour, the rack was on the wall and ready for our kayak.

The kayak rests on a 600D Nylon padded foam cover and comes with two safety straps. The design of the rack allows kayaks up to 125lbs to be stored. The Suspenz EZ Rack was designed to store the kayak on its side. Suspenz has designed the EZ Rack with an optional an optional quick release wall bracket and is compatible to with Free-Standing Frames. 

Perception Cove 14.5 Tandem on the Suspenz EZ Rack
Perception Cove 14.5 Tandem on the Suspenz EZ Rack in the garage

Overall: Great Purchase

Price paid: $64.95 X 2 SUP Rack – $74.95 EZ Rack

Place Purchased: REI (SUP Rack) – Suspenz (EZ Rack)

Link to REI website: REI

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