My Busy Dog – Secure Dog Boots

Aspen rocking her My Busy Dog -Secure Dog Boots
Aspen in her Secure Dog Boots

I purchased the My Busy Dog – Secure Dog Boots for Aspen, our Golden Retriever, to wear while snowshoeing with us. She would trek anywhere from three to seven miles per outing. However, I only saw the need to use these when the temperatures were below twenty degrees. And, because I meticulously trimmed the hair within her paw and around her toes, that significantly minimized snow from clumping in/around her paws.

The process of getting the paw into this boot is very simple because the top of the boot stretches open fairly wide. Once the paw is inside, I check the front of the boot to ensure adequate room for her nails. (I dremel the nails once per week, so they are quite short; the longer the nail, the less room the paw will have to rest properly within the boot. Keeping nails trimmed short is essential to maintaining proper kinetics, and using a dremel is ideal!). With Aspen standing flat on the floor in the boot, I then secure both of the velcro closures so they’re snug – but not too tight. 

Her paws appear to sit at a natural angle within the boot because the Secure Dog Boots have an angled sole, which is a unique feature. Additionally, the sole of the boot is extremely thick and durable, providing excellent traction in icy conditions. The one time that she wore these, I did have to occasionally stop, readjust the boot, and tighten the straps. But, that is onlybecause we were trekking through a few areas of very deep snow, which caused an added ‘pulling’ force on the boot. If we had simply walking on packed down snow, then I suspect no adjustments would have been needed. With that said, we have been on many other treks where Aspen was plowing through deep snow for a good part of the trip. 

Aspen playing ball in the snow.

On the day that we used the Secure Dog Boots, I thoroughly assessed her paws afterward. They were warm, and completely dry. Please note that if your pup is walking in deep snow, some snow will sink down into the very top part of the boot that’s around the ankle area – this cannot be avoided. But, for a good boot to wear on really cold treks and/or in icy conditions where traction is needed, these may be a good choice. But, if you plan to do long distance snowshoe treks in deep snow (where you may be breaking trail), I would suggest getting boots that are taller (fit higher up on the leg), as those may have a better chance of staying on without frequent adjustment(s).

Aspen was our camping, swimming, hiking, and snowshoeing little girl. She passed away from cancer two weeks after her 14th birthday on 3/31/19.

Overall: Great Purchase

Price paid: $35.99

Place purchased: Amazon

Link to My Busy Dog website: My Busy Dog

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2 thoughts on “My Busy Dog – Secure Dog Boots

  1. Beware of anything from My Busy Dog or My Busy Pet. If you look up My Busy Pet, LLC on the BBB site you will find many people who were charged but never received their order or any response back.

    1. Kevin, thank you for the feedback, we purchased the boots from Amazon and had no issues with our order. With that being said, it was a while ago.

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