EzyDog Element Jacket

Aspen with wearing the EzyDog Element Dog Jacket

I bought the EzyDog Element Jacket for our Golden Retriever, Aspen, who was an avid outdoor adventure pup, who loved snowshoeing!!! I purchased this jacket when she was about twelve or thirteen years of age, because it was that point in her life when I felt she could use some assistance with thermal regulation. At that time, she was 72 lbs of solid, packed muscle, to the point where she she looked like a bulldog when she walked because of her big muscles 🙂

a) We placed this EzDog Element Jacket over the top of the RUFFWEAR – Front Range Harness (which is an awesome all-around harness). It fit snug over the harness, yet was not too tight. The zipper at the top of the harness (along the dog’s back), we zipped up all the way, leaving just a tiny gap to pull out the metal leash clip on the harness. The zipper always stayed zipped in place, despite the gap for the leash clip.

b) The thick strap underneath the Element Jacket wraps around the dog’s torso, & provides as snug of a fit as needed. We never had any problem with the strap not staying in place, or coming loose.

c) The length/body of the jacket came just to the base of Aspen’s tail, completely covering the length of her back. However, a second strap at the tail end of the jacket would be ideal because this would help the back end of the jacket to stay in place & not slide around on the dog’s body, which would then help to retain body heat. So I placed a thick, reflective waist band around Aspen’s belly & over the jacket to keep the back end of the jacket in place & snug against her. I found that to be an ideal adjustment to this jacket. Without doing that, the back end of the jacket slid around when she walked, which is just how the design of the jacket works.

a) The inside is lined with a light layer of fleece, which is not so thick to where it was too warm. It is very soft, & never pilled. Please note that for dogs with very short coats, this may or may not be warm enough, depending upon the dog’s age, the weather conditions, etc.

b) The outside material is not waterproof, but is water repellant. Please note that this is NOT a raincoat. There were times when we were snowshoeing in very wet/snowy conditions for long periods of time, & this EzyDog Element Jacket performed exactly how I had wanted. It did eventually become very slightly damp on the inside after a few hours, but still kept Aspen warm/dry. Even in windy conditions, her body remained warm (I would periodically slide my hand underneath the coat to check). However, the coat performed optimally in these conditions because I used the second strap around her belly to keep the back end of the jacket in place & snug against her. If I had not of done that, the wind & snow would’ve gotten up underneath the back end of the jacket.

Overall: I had researched for months what type of jacket would be ideal for Aspen, considering every detail. This one was perfect with the adjustment that I had made.

Aspen was our camping, swimming, hiking, and snowshoeing little girl. She passed away from cancer two weeks after her 14th birthday on 3/31/19.

Overall: Excellent Purchase

Price paid: $65

Place purchased: Amazon

Link to EzyDog website: EzyDog

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