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This was my (Stella’s) first experience sleeping on an official “camping pad.” As a kid, whenever I had slept in a sleeping bag, it was at a youth camp or at a friend’s house, where we were either on the floor or on a bunk. Larry picked this particular pad out for me after we had tested a few at REI. At the time, it had seemed like it would’ve been fine, but in the end it wasn’t. Please note that the comments below are based solely upon my personal preferences – not product flaws. This is a great lightweight, packable, warm pad – for the right person and right situation.

FUNCTIONALITY: The ProLite Plus did self-inflate; however, not quite enough. Larry had to add some air to adjust it to my liking. To deflate, all we had to do was squish/roll it up to press the air out, and it easily fit back into the carrying/storage bag. It is super lightweight and packable; great for someone who is looking to shed weight.

COMFORT: The pad was thick enough to prevent my bones from digging into the ground, but it just wasn’t wide enough. I am a very petite person, but I kept rolling off of the sides of the pad whenever I bent my knees while lying on my side. And if I wanted to lie on my stomach with my knee bent up a little, then that also put me off the pad. The shape of this pad is “mummy” shape, which coincides with the shape of sleeping bag that Larry had bought for me, The North Face Aleutian 20/-7. The mummy shape does not work for me – at all. This shape is ideal for people who only sleep on their backs, or flat on their stomachs, with legs kept completely straight

Larrys’ experience with this pad was somewhat similar to that of my own. He was able to adjust the fullness of the pad to his desired comfort level; however, he would also have preferred more width, and length (the length was fine for me). He ended up exchanging the ProLite Plus for the Therm-a-Rest ProLite Apex sleeping pad, which provides a touch more thickness, width and length.

Next year, I plan to purchase the IFORREST Sleeping Pad with Armrest & Pillow. This is a rectangular pad that has cushy “side rails” to prevent users from falling off the edge, which would be ideal for me.

BOTTOM LINE: The ProLite Plus is super lightweight and packable. But if you want to spread out even a tiny bit, then the shape of this pad would be too narrow. If you want more space, then a rectangular shaped pad would be something to consider.

Overall: Returned

Price paid: $78.69 (25% Off of $104.95, Labor Day Sale)

Place purchased: REI

Link to Therm-a-Rest website: ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad

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