The North Face Aleutian 20/-7 Sleeping Bag

I (Stella) have limited experience with tent camping. As a kid, I had camped out in the backyard with friends and then in the military, I camped out in the woods for brief periods of time. Since my time in the military, I had told Larry many times that I would NEVER tent camp again. Well, on Labor Day weekend 2019, I did! 
While much of that adventure was great, my sleeping situation was horrible to the point where I was frustrated and grouchy. There were two main problems: the sleeping bag and the Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus sleeping pad. Larry had picked out this sleeping bag for me and I did not open it up and try it out prior to our trip. If I had, I would’ve purchased something different. But please note that my comments below are based solely upon my personal preferences – not product flaws. This is a great lightweight, packable, warm bag… for the right person and right situation.

MATERIAL: I do not like the material of this sleeping bag, as I have always preferred to sleep on cotton/flannel/fleece. And because we had been out in the sun all day, our skin was salty and sticky, which caused this material to stick to my skin all night like a wet napkin. Plus, the inner material is ‘lose,’ so every time I moved, it reminded me of sleeping on crumpled/wrinkled sheets, which I hate. Lastly, because the material is slippery and slinky, my makeshift pillow kept sliding around, and went everywhere except under my head!

WARMTH: This bag is too warm for summer use! We were anticipating temperatures to be in 30’s. A bag that is rated for 20 degrees is not the best choice for a summer campout. Even with just a t-shirt on, I was still too warm because my overall body temperature was elevated from being in the sun all day and into the evening. 

SHAPE: I loathe the “mummy shape,” as I had discussed in the review for the Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus sleeping pad (reviewed separately). In order to lie on my stomach with my knee slightly bent, I had to unzip the bag really far and have my knee poking out of the bag. And, I do not like the hood at the top of the bag because it kept messing up my makeshift pillow, which was a huge problem in and of itself.  This shape is ideal for people who only sleep on their backs/sides. Next year, I plan to purchase a thermal blanket that has fleece or flannel lining the inside of it. This will provide me with the material that I like, along with allowing me more space to sleep in different positions.

Bottom Line: Think carefully about the type of material you like to sleep on, how warm of a bag you need and how much space you need for changing sleeping positions throughout the night.

Overall: Returned

Price paid: $119

Place purchased: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Link to The North Face website: The North Face Aleutian 20/-7 Sleeping Bag

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