ISLE Glider Wood SUP Review

Just finished paddle boarding on the Willow Creek Reservoir

Our personal experience with SUPs is quite limited. In the years past, we had rented SUPs, which were usually the BIC brand. After careful research, we decided to purchase the ISLE Glider Wood, 9’10” and 10’10”. And from the first moment we used the ISLE SUPs, we immediately noticed a difference between the Isle boards and the rental boards. Read the comprehensive review of the ISLE Glider Wood SUP review from Stella’s perspective.

MANEUVERABILITY: these boards turn on a dime, keep us stable on the water, and are easy to paddle in any given direction: toward the waves, to the back of the waves, to the side of the waves, and going straight. The width of these boards is appropriate to allow for optimal movement. 

DURABILITY: we are extremely careful with how we care for, store and transport these boards. However, it is inevitable that they are going to get some nicks and scratches on them from use. Since we have only had them for a few months, I am unable to comment much more on this.

One thing to note, however, is the deck pad on the 10’10” board has acquired some large bubbles underneath it. ISLE stated that that is not an uncommon problem, and that a hole should be poked through the bubble on the padding to let the air escape. While I understand that is not a major flaw that would affect the overall performance of the board, it is kind of a bummer considering the price of the board. 

OVERALL DESIGN: prior to purchasing these boards, we had researched the differences between all of the design features of SUPs, including how many fins a board should have for the type of water and activities that they will be used for. The design of these boards is perfect for casual paddling, and handles small waves/wakes upon lake water very well. The bungee cords at the front of the boards adequately holds the necessary gear, and the integrated carrying handle in the center of the boards is an added bonus – it makes carrying the boards a total breeze. 

The ISLE Fiberglass All Around Center Fin that comes with the board is also very durable, as those have already been put to the test a few times as well. And, they are very simple to install and adjust as needed. The carbon fiber adjustable paddles that come with the boards are lightweight, easy to adjust, and the handles are even comfortable for small hands.

The deck pad does cover most of the length of these boards. But please note that if you are kneeling on the board in an upright position, be sure to keep your toenails trimmed very short, otherwise, you will put permanent indentations in the deck pad. And, our feet get sore and/or fall asleep after paddling for a period of time, so we have to rotate between the sitting/kneeling and standing positions often. I do not know if that problem would be resolved with a thicker deck pad or not. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: these are exceptional SUPs, made by a solid company who provides great customer service. And, the sheer beauty of these ISLE boards will draw the attention of everyone who sees them! Please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions regarding the ISLE Glider Wood SUP Review.

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Overall: Excellent Purchase

Price paid: $1740 (including $100 off the purchase of 2 boards)

Place purchased: ISLE Surf & SUP

Link to ISLE Surf & SUP website:Β ISLE Surf & SUP

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ISLE Glider Wood SUP's on Yakima SupDawg Rack
Heading out for a paddle…

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