Yakima SupDawg

Yakima SupDawg

Stella and I recently purchased two Isle Glider Wood Standup Paddle Boards (May 2019). Prior to that purchase, I had extensively researched the best way for us to transport the boards to and from Base Camp. We needed the ability to carry two SUPs at once, and the ability to easily swap with the Yakima SweetRoll rack for our Perception Cove 14.5 Tandem Kayak. I determined the Yakima SupDawg would be the best fit for our needs. This transport rack is designed for either one or two SUPs. I hope you find the Yakima SupDawg review useful when you are searching for a way to carry your paddle boards.

INSTALLATION: the installation of the Yakima SupDawg is a breeze, and is completely tool free! With my Chevy Tahoe, I simply climb onto the rear tire to install the rack on rear crossbar, and then move to the open rear door to install the forward rack. The racks secure to the crossbars via clamps and a twist knob. This process can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Once these are in place, you then lock the rack to the crossbar with a key. To remove the rack, simply reverse the process.

LOADING BOARDS: the Yakima SupDawg has a roller conveniently integrated into the loading side of each rack. This is handy when loading the bottom board, because it allows you to place the board against the rollers and slide the board up atop of the rack. Once the bottom board is in place (deck pad face down, fin toward the front of the vehicle), you then slide the second board (same positioning as the bottom board) on top. It is important to ensure that the rear of the top board is not touching the fin of the bottom board.

SECURING BOARDS: the last step is securing the boards to the rack. On the nylon straps that come with the rack, there are soft rubber pads/strips that you adjust to position so they snuggly cradle each side (left and right) of the board (if there are two boards, these pads/strips will be touching the top board only). These pads/strips prevent the nylon straps from scratching the boards, and also aids to keep them secure within on the rack..

Drape the straps over the top of the board(s), and then thread them into the rack, pulling tightly to ensure the boards do not slide around. Once the boards are tightly secured, thread the excess nylon strap down into the rack. Take one more walk around to ensure appropriate spacing between the fin and the top board, and that the boards are properly aligned. And then, you are ready to go!

FINAL NOTE: the very first time I had loaded the boards onto the rack, I had a bout of anxiety, as I just was not confident with the rack system yet. These are high-end SUP boards, and I did not want them ending up on the highway, or in someone’s windshield. So, we had made a few stops along the way to Base Camp that night to check the securement of the straps. Since that time, I have loaded/unloaded our SUPs many times, and the SupDawg has not failed us. And swapping between the SupDawg and Yakima SweetRoll kayak rack can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes. In the future, we will likely replace the Tahoe’s factory roof rack with a Yakima Rack, which will allow for simultaneous transport of both the kayak and SUPs with their respective rack systems. Stay tuned! Please feel free to share or comment on the Yakima SupDawg review.

Yakima SupDawg Review
Yakima SupDawg with Isle Glider Wood SUP’s

Overall: Excellent Purchase

Price paid: $299

Place purchased: REI

Link to Yakima website: Yakima SupDawg Premium Rooftop SUP & Surfboard Mount

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