Suspenz Kayak & SUP Stand


Suspenz Universal Portable Boat Stands:

We purchased these stands to use for our Perception Cove 14.5 Tandem Kayak at our Base Camp in Grand Lake, CO. We have had these stands for about three years, and they are holding up well. The stand opens up wide enough to accommodate the kayak, either in the up right position, or upside down. The straps are still perfectly in tact, and are quite durable. Additionally, the stands are super lightweight and easy to maneuver underneath the kayak in order to get them in the proper position.

I recommend this stand to people with kayaks because it keeps the kayak off of the ground, which is important for a few reasons:

  1. Prevents ground critters from crawling inside and making a home while not in use
  2. Prevents the kayak from getting scratched from debris on the ground while not in use
  3. Prevents the kayak from obtaining indentations along the bottom of the boat while not in use

Suspenz Double SUP Stand:

We had been talking about purchasing SUP boards for a few years, and this year (2019), we made it happen! After careful research, we purchased Isle Gliderwood boards. Because of the investment that we made in those boards, we also wanted to store them properly when not in use. This stand is almost perfect.

The stand takes a few minutes to assemble and is very lightweight, which allows us to take it with us wherever we go. The middle section of the stand comes apart to allow for easier transportation of the stand. The stand has padding in all the necessary areas to prevent any type of abrasion on the board, and it is easy to position the boards in each slot of the stand since the spaces are so wide. And even with both of our boards in the stand, we are still able to easily lift the entire stand to reposition it. However, there are two aspects of this product to consider:

  1. The individual slots for each board are much wider than I had anticipated, as there is a considerable gap between the board and the middle bar of the stand. This means that there is a possibility of the boards not staying in their slots securely, especially if a strong gust of wind passes by. To accommodate for that gap so that each of our boards fit snuggly within their respective slot, we lightly squish thick pool noodles (lengthwise) into the gap.
  2. Our boards are 9’10” and 10’10”. These are pretty standard size boards. The length of the stand could certainly be longer because when we place our boards in the slots, we have to ensure that they are perfectly centered, otherwise there is a possibility of the boards tipping to one side. But again, as long as the boards are centered, the thick pool noodles keep them snug in place.

While I do recommend this double stand, Suspenz just came out (July 2019), with the EZ-Fold SUP Portable Stand, which are two separate stands (like the kayak stand mentioned above). This would allow for each stand to be placed wherever you want them to be on each end of the board. However, this stand is only able to accommodate one board, and I would still recommend a pool noodle squished on the side to keep it snug within the slot. If you have two boards, you would need two sets of these stands, which may take up a bit more space, and end up costing more than the double SUP stand.

Overall: Great Purchase

Price paid: $63.89 Kayak Stand – $89.96 Double SUP Stand

Place Purchased: REI (Kayak Stand) – Suspenz Directly (Double SUP Stand)

Link to Suspenz website: Suspenz

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