Massive Colorado Avalanche Revealed

Version 2
Berthoud Pass

Update: 07/30/2019, on our most recent return from Grand Lake we were able to capture the summer view of the slide that occurred on the Disney Chute north of Empire back in March of 2019. Below is the incredible view of the destructive power that nature can unleash.

The Disney Slide Path ~ July 28, 2019

Typically I don’t repost or share existing news media however this past Saturday on our way to open Base Camp in Grand Lake we drove past the remnants of the massive slide triggered back in March on the Empire side of Berthoud Pass, known as the Disney Chute. Surreal is the best description, as even just a few weeks back you really could not tell the destructive force that was unleashed in early March. I am certain more of videos will begin to surface showing the extensive damage left behind throughout Colorado as the snowpack melts away from the winter of 2018/2019.

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