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I am sharing a recent post from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center from their Instagram page. We have seen unprecedented avalanche activity over the course of the last month and really since the first snowfall of the season. Our friends at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center provide us with information to make informed decisions throughout the season with the intent on keeping us safe. However they are only one part of making a smart decision before venturing into the back country. At the end of the day we are responsible for ourselves but keep in mind the choices we make may impact others. Know Before You Go.

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Between February 28 and March 14, the CAIC recorded information on 811 avalanches throughout Colorado. Of those avalanches, 589 were large enough to bury, injure, or kill a person, and 142 avalanches were “very large” or “historic” in size. In those two weeks, the CAIC recorded more than twice the number of massive avalanches than in the previous 5 years combined. • CAIC forecasters have been working around the clock since February 28, to keep us all informed of the current avalanche conditions throughout Colorado. It’s been an all-hands-on-deck approach to providing up-to-date information via their backcountry avalanche forecasting products and social media outlets. Also, it can’t be overstated how important the partnership is between CAIC forecasters and CDOT to mitigate avalanche risk to motorists on Colorado's highways. • The backcountry avalanche conditions remain dangerous. The danger ratings are easing, and natural avalanche activity is decreasing. Avalanches will become harder for you to trigger over the next few days. BUT, the potential size of avalanche is NOT decreasing. A brush with a massive avalanche is likely to be unsurvivable. Do not underestimate this snowpack, and the size of avalanches it can (and will) produce. Avalanches are running much farther than you would ever anticipate, and in some cases, they are running farther than they have run in 100 or even 300 years. Make extremely careful and cautious terrain selections this weekend. Give steep slopes, even those far above you, a very wide margin. • This past cycle is one for the record books. It has been absolutely amazing to watch—not only the avalanches—but also the amazing efforts of the entire CAIC team. • During the Friends of CAIC spring campaign we rely on you, users of the CAIC, to help support your avalanche center. Our goals are clear: more forecasters, better outreach, and more education. This spring we are trying to raise $50,000 to help reach those goals. • If you have already supported our mission, Thank you. If you haven’t, please consider a donation today: www.friendsofcaic.org • #iamfriendsofcaic #coavalancheinfo

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