Bike & Kayak Day



On Sunday, I (Stella) made a spontaneous decision for Larry and I to spend the afternoon at Aurora Reservoir, which is about ten minutes from our home. The gate entry fee is $10.00. In the years past, the park required that kayaks and canoes get fully inspected, which cost another $10.00 annually. But that policy has since changed, and these types of water devices no longer require an inspection pass.

We have kayaked and biked around Aurora reservoir a few times in the past, usually it is quite windy at the reservoir. Today, however, there was barely a hint of a breeze. I especially enjoy the bike trail around the reservoir. It’s smooth pavement and gradual slopes make for a very comfortable ride. It is roughly eight miles around. The area surrounding the bike path is just wetlands/marsh, with suburban areas in the near-distance. So, there is nothing significant to mention about the view.

Once we had completed the bike trek, we prepared the “Big Mango” to kayak around the reservoir; things always look so different from the water. And, the first paddle of the season is always special for us – we love kayaking! The water was smooth as glass, and the sun was pleasantly warm. It was a perfect paddling day. Around the reservoir, there are multiple coves to explore, where birds, ducks and geese of various species take harbor in the marshy areas. People can be found all over, nestled into their special fishing spots, so you have to be careful to avoid their fishing lines. I was surprised to learn that Aurora Reservoir stocks Perch! Our total kayak trek was roughly seven miles. Perfect day!

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