Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack

Version 2

Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack 1.5L

Prior to purchasing this hydration pack, I’ve really enjoyed using my waist hydration pack by Ultimate Direction for hiking & cross country skiing. However, once we moved to Colorado, it no longer became practical due to the unpredictable weather here, which makes it necessary to always have additional gear on-hand. I am a petite person, & am prone to back/neck problems. That said, I was on the lookout for a minimalist hydration pack that would provide just enough room for the water reservoir & space for some extra clothing/items.

The moment I set eyes on the Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack, I knew that it would be perfect for my needs. The sack provides ample room for two different types of gloves, two different types of head gear, and one or two extra layering clothing pieces. There are webbed pockets along the side of the pack where I can put a container of bug spray, & Aspen’s drinking device on the other side. On the top portion of the pack, by all of the zippers, is another smaller pouch where I keep napkins, lip balm, hand warmers, etc. On the very outside of the pack (facing away from you) are adjustable bungee cords that allow you to securely stuff clothing into them. This pack has a ton of different storage options for all types of gear needed. The only thing it does not have is a strap specifically designed to carry trekking poles.

The padded, front chest straps lie very comfortably upon my shoulders. On the front side of each strap are two more pockets; one for a cellphone & the other for anything else. The pack closes around the chest with a flexible/adjustable strap right across my chest, & lower strap just above my belly button. The part of the pack that lies against my back is soft & cushioned, with breathable mesh fabric. It rests perfectly in the center of my back, providing me with a very ergonomic fit. Like anything that rests upon your back, it will get sweaty from the sweat that you produce while exercising, but that has been minimal for me.

The water reservoir itself, tubing & mouth piece have all worked great for me. There is an easy on/off valve on the mouthpiece, which I strongly recommend closing when you are finished with the pack for the day, otherwise it may leak. I have worn this pack biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing & hiking. It has always provided me with a comfortable trekking experience, along with ample water supply from the 1.5L water reservoir.

I would recommend Osprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack for anyone who is short & petite-framed (under 5’5″ – weight no more than 150lb). This particular pack is no longer made or sold by Osprey, but it is still available through various retailers online. Additionally, here are links to the Osprey Daylite Review and the Osprey Kestrel 38 Review.

Overall: Great Purchase

Price paid: $79.93 (On Sale)

Place purchased: REI, Denver Flagship

Link to REI website: REI

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