Fall Hiking



Stella and I had attempted to hike down to the Colorado River on Saturday with Aspen via the  Colorado River Trail. However, about a mile into the hike, trail was closed due to fall logging operations. Somewhat discouraged, we doubled back via the short loop near the parking lot. After the short hike, we headed back to Base Camp where we ended up playing a few card games as the rain began to fall with a few snowflakes mixed in with the crisp fall air.



Sunday, we headed back down to Monarch Lake to hike the loop with Aspen. We had snow overnight above 9000 feet adding to the luster of fall, Stella’s favorite season. The lake levels are down about three feet and the streams all but a trickle of their former glory. The wind was brisk at the northern end of the lake as we began our trek.

Aspen is very familiar with this hike, and upon arriving at Buchanan Creek, she was looking for a quick swim – but not today. Crossing the bridge over Buchanan Creek, we began our trek back along the southern end of the lake. Back on the north shore, we looked into the Indian Peaks Range, admiring the bright white snowcapped mountains offset by the golden yellow of the Aspen intertwined groves. Another awesome day outside in the mountains.


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