Redfish Lake, Day 2

Version 2
Redfish Lake, Stanley ID

Upon arriving back at Redfish Lake for a second day of adventure, we were able to secure a premium parking place since the weather still looked at bit dicey. Deciding to temporarily forgo our paddle around the lake, we hopped onto our bikes and took a seven-mile stroll around the campground. This is one of my (Stella’s) favorite things to do. I have always enjoyed looking at people’s campsite setups, and I find such a great joy in seeing people playing games, eating outside at the picnic table, kids playing catch, riding their bikes along the paths, etc. Too much of life now is spent indoors; too many kids have their faces planted in some type of technological device. So seeing people, of all ages, enjoying the outdoors in their own way, makes me happy.

Upon arriving back at the Tahoe, the sun had finally started to peek out from behind the clouds. Once the bikes were secured back up on the rack, we slid the “Big Mango” off of the Tahoe and hopped in. We were eager to make it all the way around Redfish Lake for a second day in a row.

Redfish Lake is my favorite place in the world. I grew up going there a child, wandering through the campground and playing in the cool water. The Sawtooth mountains hug the lake so closely that it feels like I could just reach out and touch them. Peering through the dense trees, I’ve always wondered what mysteries still wait to be uncovered. I am always in awe over how clear the lake is, even in the deep areas. Redfish Lake will always be a place of wonder for me.


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