Jackson Hole, Day 1


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Friday, July 21st, Day 1. Arriving in Jackson Hole Friday afternoon we immediately beelined it to The Hub Bicycles. Why the emergency trip to the bike shop you ask, well just prior to leaving Colorado Thursday evening, we discovered that my front tire on my mountain bike was flat as a pancake. The boy’s at the shop made a quick diagnosis of Goat’s – head thorns implanted throughout my entire tire, time to replace the tube and tire once again. Damn Goat’s – head!!! With the new tube and tire mounted we were off to check into the Flat Creek Inn aptly located directly across from the National Elk Refuge and the Grand Teton Multi-use Pathway. Quickly we unpacked the Tahoe, got Aspen settled in and soon we were pedaling towards Moose Juction. The Grand Teton Multi-use Pathway winds it way from downtown Jackson to Jenny Lake about 20 miles oneway and is framed by the jagged peaks of the Tetons to the West. The pathway runs parallel to the National Elk Refuge and begins with a steady climb before plateauing as you enter Grand Teton National Park. Soon we find ourselves crossing the Gros Ventre River, a 74+ mile tributary of the Snake River as we pedal North ever looking west at the majestic Tetons.

Crossing the Gros Ventre River

Finally reaching the Moose Junction intersection one could meander North to Antelope Flats or head West to Jenny Lake. At this point in our journey we have pedaled approximately 10 miles and stay the course towards Moose Junction about another 1/2 mile down the trail. Arriving at Moose Junction there are a multitude of activities awaiting to be unearthed including the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center where one can immerse themselves into Grand Teton National Park’s history. Doubling back we sneak over to Dornan’s to rehydrate before heading back to Jackson. Round trip our distance ended up at 23.7 miles and included a Category 5 Climb or a climb that has at least a 3% grade for a minimum of 500 meters (about 1/3 of a mile). Technically, not to terribly difficult. Overall the elevation gain was 490 feet and a great way to start our vacation.

Making our way back across the highway while dodging the traffic heading into Jackson from Grand Teton National Park or even Yellowstone National Park we are back at the Flat Creek Inn, our Base Camp for the next few days. We both hop into the shower to freshen up before heading into Jackson ourselves to meet up with Stella’s mother and step-father, Mel at Pica’s Mexican Taqueria. Pica’s ironically is located a stones throw from The Hub Bicycles and we quickly secure a table on their outdoor patio before Stella’s parents arrive. Stella chose Pica’s as she discovered Chicken Mole Enchiladas on their menu prior to our arrival into Jackson, after all she is a Mole aficionado. Chatting briefly with her parents for a spell we got our grub on and enjoyed nice meal outdoors capping an end to a great day. Day 2 to follow… stay tuned.

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