Our Base Camp


The sky is full of bright mountain sunshine and we have once again established our Base Camp in Grand Lake, Colorado. Stella and I, along with our faithful companion Aspen, will once again set out on adventures throughout Grand Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Arapahoe National Forest and the Northern Front Range. Later in the summer our travels will take us to Grand Teton National Park/Jackson, Wyoming and Redfish Lake/Stanley, Idaho. We look forward to sharing our story as summer turns to fall…


3 thoughts on “Our Base Camp

  1. Great idea Larry, I love seeing everything on face book but this way Dad can see where you are & what you’re doing. Hope you guys have a great summer!

  2. Nice way to post your adventures! Most of us are jealous you have those close encounters with critters in the wild!

  3. Grandma now know how to get on your blog. Easier than Facebook. love the pictures

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